What Are the Most Popular Cat Breeds in the UK?

If you are thinking of getting a cat or a kitten, you might be wondering which breed to get. There are plenty of different breeds out there, and you may have your eye on one in particular already. If not, our list might help you make that all-important choice.

1: The mixed breed

Bit of a cheat, this one, as it isn’t a specific breed at all, yet it accounts for a whopping 89% of all the cats in the UK today! Most cat owners have a mixed breed cat. Would this be the one to catch your eye and become a much-loved family pet?

2: British shorthair

This is a gorgeous and very popular cat breed. They have a lovely chunky face and thick fur, and they are often bred to be shown. However many are simply wonderful family pets.

3: Scottish fold

So-called because the ears fold instead of perking up as with other cats, the Scottish fold cat is a true delight. They have a gorgeous colour and are very chunky by nature.

4: Manx cat

The Manx cat is easy to spot because it doesn’t have a tail. This is due to a genetic mutation. It may have a tiny stub of tail or nothing at all. They are very sociable with humans and come in a variety of colours.

5: Devon rex

Short-haired and incredibly intelligent, the Devon rex does indeed hail from Devon. It is sometimes called the Pixie cat – probably because of its large pointy ears.

6: Bengal cat

This is essentially an Asian leopard cat crossed with a domestic cat. They have an impressively-spotty coat. They can be quite valuable, especially those that are purer in terms of the Asian leopard cat genes.

7: Siamese cat

If you want a cat that seems more like a dog, the Siamese ticks all the boxes! They are very faithful and bond well with their owners. They are very intelligent too (and secretly love cuddles).

8: The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is simply adorable. They tend to go floppy when you pick them up, hence the name! They are much better-suited to living indoors. If you want an outdoor cat, this isn’t the breed for you. It is more than happy being an indoor-dwelling cat.

9: Maine Coon

This beautiful, big cat is incredibly fluffy and soft and are good-natured too. Surprisingly they don’t need as much grooming as you may think, which is good if you are looking for a cat that doesn’t require a lot of brushing.

10: The Persian cat

This has always been a popular breed, and for good reason. It has a lovely temperament and looks simply stunning. Be prepared to groom your Persian cat every day though, otherwise it will get matted very quickly indeed.

Now you know some of the most popular cat breeds across the UK today, all you have to do is choose the one most suited to you and your home.

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