Is Your Home Safe for Your Puppy or Kitten?

When you are ready to welcome a new kitten or puppy into your home, it’s easy to forget they’ll be into everything if you give them half a chance. The more you can do before your new member of the family comes home, the safer they will be.

Watch out for cables

Virtually every room will have cabling in it of some kind. It could be the telephone wire, the TV cable or simply an extension lead. Make sure everything is tucked well out of the way of inquisitive paws and noses – and of course teeth!

Protect your pet from getting close to the fire, or anything hot

You probably won’t think of this during the summer months, but if you have an open fire or a stove, you should take steps to ensure your kitten or puppy cannot go near it. The same applies for anything else that emits heat, such as the oven and the hob (more relevant for a cat).

Be aware of open doors and windows

Don’t underestimate how far a cat (or indeed a dog!) can jump. Make sure your kitten or puppy is safe indoors and won’t be tempted by an open door or window. Make sure the whole family knows the rules and sticks to them.

Check your houseplants to make sure none of them are poisonous

Many people are aware that lilies are poisonous to cats, but they aren’t the only plant that could potentially cause problems. Furthermore, if you keep any plant food in the house, make sure it is kept well out of the reach of your pets.

Make your kitchen safe

The kitchen is perhaps the biggest challenge for any pet owner to meet. Puppies are perhaps easier to manage as they cannot jump very high. However, it won’t be long before that tiny bundle of kitten fluff is able to jump up on the worktops. No matter how much you may not want them to, they will always be tempted by any treats you leave out up there.

Don’t disregard the washing machine or the dryer either – these can be tempting and cosy places for them to hole up.

Make sure your home is safe at all times

Of course, every home is different. You may have a minimalist home, in which case you could have fewer hazards than other family homes with lots of people and things going on. That’s why any list of puppy- and kitten-proofing suggestions can be no more than that – a list. It will never contain everything you need to think about.

So before you pick up your newest member of the family, make sure you are prepared to welcome them into a safe environment. You might also want to consider some pet gates in the early stages, particularly if you have doorways that don’t actually have doors. This will help you control where your newcomer is able to go while you make your home safe.

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