5 Best Pet Accessories in 2018

Flashing LED Collars

These collars are incredibly cheap but they are an important safety device for your dog or cat. These flashing collars can be seen for up to 500 metres away. In dark or misty conditions your pet will be more visible on or off a lead. You can choose from three different flash speed settings depending on conditions. The collars are extremely practical – they are simple to recharge from your PCs USB port and they are waterproof and wipe clean. They are very affordable, so keep your pet safe after dark and invest in one of these collars.

LED Cat Collar

LED Cat Collar

LED Dog Collar

LED Dog Collar

Biodegradable Poo Bags

All responsible dog owners clean up after their pets usually via plastic disposable bags. These create a lot of plastic waste which we now know causes untold damage to wildlife. Luckily you can buy biodegradable plastic poo bags that will do the cleanup job and then rot down over 3 – 6 months. If you can buy poop bags made from plant materials as these rot down faster and leave fewer residues.

Raised Dog Beds

Raised dog bed

A Raised dog bed

These simple beds look a bit like an old-fashioned camp bed. Strong canvas is stretched over a metal or plastic frame to raise the area the dog sleeps on above the ground. These devices have a lot of benefits over more traditional dog beds. First of all your dog is raised above the cold and damp ground to keep them warmer and cleaner during the wetter months. In the summer air can circulate beneath them to keep them cool. Becuase the bed is kept dry with good air circulation above and below the canvas the bed is less likely to smell, discolour and go mouldy or rot. Because the canvas is suspended it provides support without being hard which delivers some of the benefits of foam dog beds without their eye-watering price tag.

Glucosamine Food Supplements

As your pet ages, you should change their diet to reflect their changing nutritional needs. Older dogs and cats suffer from joint degradation which can be very painful and greatly reduce an animals mobility. You can help to reduce this problem by feeding your pet one of the many food supplements on the market which contain Glucosamine. There is good evidence to show this supplement does support your ageing pets joints and some evidence to show it can even help with hip dysplasia. It is a naturally occurring compound which your dog already eats (just not always in high enough quantities) so it is a safe supplement with few if any side effects. However, if your dog shows signs of joint stiffness and pain don’t just buy a supplement without consulting your vet. Supplements of this type only work for some conditions so you need to make sure you understand why your pet is showing symptoms. Often you will need to make other changes such as reducing your dog’s weight and ensuring they are getting the right type of exercise. Your vet will be able to advise you on the correct course treatmentent which may or may not include a food supplement.

Cat Leads

Walking your cat on a lead was a big craze a few years ago. PLenty of young trendy cat owners were filling social media with posts of them walking their cats everywhere and even taking them surfing on a lead! However, there were then some scary reports from animal welfare organisations saying that doing this to cats could cause them distress. The latest advice is that cat leads can be a good idea in some circumstances for some cats. If your cat has access to the outdoors safely, for example, via a decent sized garden, you really don’t need to try to introduce your cat to a lead. They are independent animals and they like to be in control so they usually need training before they will accept being on a lead. Why put them and you through this if you don’t need to? However, some cats do not have safe access to an outdoor environment. In these cases walking them on lead can be the only way of allowing them to experience all the stimulation of the outdoors safely. If you live in a high rise you might want to take your cat out onto a green or to a park but the risk of your cat getting lost or hit by traffic could be very real. In this case, it would be worth training your cat to see if they will accept being on a lead.

Cat Leads

Cat Leads Can Work in the Right Circumstances

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